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The LAFHT is following the Ministry of Health guidelines to reduce the risk of COVID-19- Please Call the Office Before Coming In

BirdNews Updates:
Mar 30, 2020

Covid 19 is now established in the community.


Hospitals have moved to pandemic level 2 ( of 3)

All surgeries and investigations are canceled with the exception of life-threatening conditions, pregnancy ultrasounds and cancer treatments.

No visitors are allowed with the exception of visits to palliative care patient's and newborn babies.


Leamington and Area Family health team is open.

In order to protect the staff and patients we have reduced the number of people in the clinic and we are providing essential services only.

Call 519-322-1100 and you will be given a telephone appointment with your primary care provider (PCP).  Call volumes are high.  Please call back after 10 AM if he received a busy signal, when calling between 9 and 10.

An in-office appointment will be arranged if needed after speaking with your PCP.


COVID screening will take place at the front door.


Well-baby visits and prenatal care will continue by phone or in person following new pandemic guidelines.  Infant immunizations will take place from 9 AM to 10 AM only to avoid contact with other patients.

Allergy shots and other injections will be given by appointment only.  A consultation with your primary care provider may be needed to determine how often you should get these or if they can wait.


Request that only patients being seen enter the building. If a support person is needed, only 1 please. Eg 1 parent or caregiver.  Children who are not being seen should be left with a caregiver if possible.



Visit WECHU.org for more information about COVID. Follow the link “if you are sick” and take the self-assessment test if you think you have symptoms of COVID.


Thank you and remember to follow the guidelines of social distancing and social isolation.

March 23, 2020
The Leamington and Area Family Health Team is currently experiencing higher than usual call volumes. If you are having difficulty getting through to the office, please phone back after 10am. As a reminder, we are asking all patients to defer non essential appointments. There will be no evening urgent care clinics this week.

This pandemic can bring alot of stress and worry into our lives. If you are a patient of the LAFHT and are struggling to cope with what's going on in the world please call the office at 519-322-1100 to speak to one of our Social workers.  Another option for those who are not patient of the LAFHT or you feel you may need direct support please call the HDGH Crisis line at 519-973-4435.
The LAFHT is following the Ministry of Health Guidelines to reduce the risk of COVID 19. We will continue to renew prescriptions but we are asking all patients to defer non essential appointments and to call the office for any concerns. You will be assigned a telephone apointment with their primary care provider and then the need for an in office appointment will be arranged if necessary. We request that patients do not come into the office without a scheduled in-person appointment. There will be no evening urgent care clinics until further notice. 
The Ontario Medical Association and Ontario Chamber of Commerce welcome and applaud the provincial government’s announcement introducing legislation that will eliminate the requirement to provide sick notes during COVID 19.
The Ministry of health advises all people who experience symptoms of COVID 19 to complete the province’s self-assessment tool.( Enter COVID 19 self assessment tool Ontario on your computer and will direct you to this site)
If you have symptoms of COVID 19, call the clinic or Telehealth Ontario ( 1-866-797-0000) and let them know you have taken the self-assessment.
You will be directed to a clinic, testing site or the emergency room as is appropriate based on the severity of your symptoms.
On arrival at the clinic, please use the hand sanitizer before and after presenting your health card. If you have respiratory symptoms, please wear a mask.
Please sit 2 meters (6 feet) from the nearest person in the waiting room.

Visit the Links page for more information on COVID19 and what you can do to protect yourself. 


Please note the following change in services:

  • The Windsor Cardiac Cath Lab will be assessing the urgency of cardiac angiograms and cancelling any that are deemed not urgent in the next 23 days.
  • The Geriatric Assessment Program is suspending all clinic and in home services.
  • C.A.R.E ( Rehab service) is providing essential services only but will provide complimentary care through OTN ( Ontario Telehealth Network). Call 519-419-5128 for an appointment


COVID can be very stressful for all of us.


Here is a list of resources which may help:


Stclairchild.ca follow the link to Resources for parents


You tube video to explain the situation to children is posted on LAFHT facebook site


Care for your corona virus anxiety



If you need to apply for EI



The social workers at LAFHT are available by phone should you be facing struggles with your mental health. However, if it is a crisis situation, contact the community crisis line at 519-973-4435


Helpful apps


MYND: research based psychology app to build confidence, optimism, happiness, encourage behavioural change to improve well being.


Calm: a meditation, sleep and relaxation app.



Headspace: Headspace is an app to help  you get happy and stress less through mindfulness and meditation.



LAFHT Mission

Building on our foundation of promoting a healthier you through a team approach to a choice of health services, we are committed to provide Timely Access to Quality Primary Healthcare for our Patient in the Communities we serve
What is the Leamington and Area Family Health Team 

We are a primary health care oragnization that includes a team of family physicians, nurse practitioners, chiropist, dietitian, nurse educators, pharmacist, social workers along with nursing and reception staff at 5 sites in Leamington and Kingsville to provide primary health care to our commuinity.  As a team, we work together with our patients to reach their goals.  Our services include regular health check ups, medication reviews, footcare, chronic disease management, counselling, memory clinic, smoking cessation and nutrition counselling just to name a few. We collaborate with community partners to help our patients navigate the health care system. 



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